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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslugslug1 /slʌɡ/ noun [countable]  1 HBAa small creature with a soft body, that moves very slowly and eats garden plants2 American English informalPMW a bullet Perez still has a slug lodged in his left shoulder.3 informalDFDAMOUNT a small amount of a strong alcoholic drinkslug of a slug of brandy4 American English informalD a piece of metal shaped like a coin, used to illegally get a drink, ticket etc from a machine5 American English someone who gets to work by standing in a particular place until a driver stops and lets them go with them in their car
Examples from the Corpus
slugIn taking a slug at Mayer, Gilbert had knocked the stuffing out of his own career and, ultimately, his life.She took another slug of beer and continued rubbing eye shadow from her left eyelid.Bing could be one himself if he threw enough slugs down his gullet.King ended up with two 9 mm slugs in his chest.He caught nine slugs and died.Much of the current research on biological neural networks involves the study of invertebrate animals, such as sea slugs or starfish.A sitting tenant who came with the greenhouses ... and is doing his bit to keep down the slugs.Across the earth between rows shone dry silver trails, sticky to sight, where the slugs had been.