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splashsplash2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]CSSOUND the sound of a liquid hitting something or being moved around quickly Rachel fell into the river with a loud splash.see thesaurus at sound2 [countable]MARK a mark made by a liquid splashing onto something elsesplash of There were splashes of paint all over my clothes.3 splash of colour4 make a splash5 [singular]DFD a small amount of liquid added to a drinksplash of a cup of coffee with a splash of brandy
Examples from the Corpus
splashNot so much as a splash or even his oddly deformed head above the water.Between the bed and the door, a splash of red and white on the room's ochre.A moment later we heard a splash and a squeal, more splashing, a flutter of duck, whoops of delight.Then add just a splash of lemon.This was like a splash of ice water right in my face.There was a splash behind the boat as a large silver fish jumped out of the water.Then he shot his legs up into the sky and slid down without a splash.Judging from the shouts and splashes coming from the pool, everyone was having a lot of fun.Ashlee fell into the river with a loud splash.I heard the splash of oars in the water.There were splashes of paint all over my clothes.White splashes of paint on the bottles indicated which way up they should be binned after delivery from the wine merchant.Rays of afternoon light poured through the stained glass windows, drenching the sanctuary with splashes of color.