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Language: Old English
Origin: getæl 'quick, ready'


tall S2 W2 comparative taller, superlative tallest
1 a person, building, tree etc that is tall is a greater height than normal:
He was young and tall.
a house surrounded by tall trees
This bush grows tall very quickly.
see usage note big1
2 you use 'tall' to say or ask what the height of something or someone is
6ft/2m/12 inches etc tall
He's only 5 feet tall.
How tall is that building?
She's a little taller than her sister.
3 American EnglishDFD a tall drink contains a small amount of alcohol mixed with a large amount of a non-alcoholic drink

a tall order

informal a request or piece of work that is almost impossible:
Finding a replacement is going to be a tall order.

tall story/tale

a story that is so unlikely that it is difficult to believe
tallness noun [uncountable]

➔ stand tall

at stand1 (39)

➔ walk tall

at walk1 (10)

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