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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemperancetem‧pe‧rance /ˈtempərəns/ noun [uncountable]  1 old-fashionedDFD when someone never drinks alcohol because of their moral or religious beliefs2 formalCONTROL sensible control of the things you say and do, especially the amount of alcohol you drink syn moderation
Examples from the Corpus
temperanceI found my way to a temperance hotel advertised in the guide-book and found it a homely house.Antislavery, temperance and other favourite evangelical reform endeavours became an everyday part of evangelical activity.A mature student, a former temperance lecturer had a problem of overcoming his style of eloquence in speaking.He was noted for his prodigious memory, was deeply religious, and a staunch advocate of temperance.John, your present temperance is admirable but, selfishly, I am comforted by your inclusion of that awful tale.In Wrexham grandfather had been an active Gladstonian Liberal, and concerned himself with the temperance movement and local government.