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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuncorkun‧cork /ʌnˈkɔːk $ -ˈkɔːrk/ verb [transitive]  DFDOPENto open a bottle by removing its cork→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
uncorkUsually, you could judge both your status and her current opinion of you by what was uncorked.On the third night, she went up ahead while he uncorked a bottle and shared it with the desk clerk.As the wine was uncorked and Vitor was invited to sample it, Ashley's gaze swung away.Neither company has uncorked its marketing just yet, but enthusiast Web sites are already buzzing with commentary and rumors.He uncorked one of the bottles on the altar and swigged from it.Ray uncorked the bottle and offered me a glass of wine.But investors should uncork the bubbly only if they have already banked their profits.Hardly a month goes by without an event having you uncorking the champagne or counting your remaining blessings.He peeled the paper off the cap and uncorked the whiskey.