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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvintagevin‧tage1 /ˈvɪntɪdʒ/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  1 DFDvintage wine is good quality wine made in a particular year2 old, but high quality vintage cars3 BESTTYPICALshowing all the best or most typical qualities of something a vintage performance from Bruce Springsteen4 vintage year
Examples from the Corpus
vintageWith its vintage cable cars and cosmopolitan restaurants, the city is brimming with urbane sophistication.While you are waiting for your private audience with the king of the Magic Kingdom you can watch vintage cartoons.They lunched on lobster and strawberries, accompanied by a fine vintage champagne."A lot of people have never been in an open car, " says Mike Jacobsen, a computer programmer, who has four vintage convertibles.Best when aged 2 to 4 years from vintage date.The latest film has a vintage Disney charm.Be suspicious of vintage kosher wines that are older than comparable nonkosher wines.And over the weekend there's the usual chance to see the traditional display and run of vintage machinery.The 1960s vintage subs would require substantial refitting.The vintage wine had anointed his tongue with new and seductive language.