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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhitewhite1 /waɪt/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective  1 colourCC having the colour of milk, salt, or snow a white dresspure/snow white (=completely white) snow white hair2 people a) SAbelonging to the race of people with pale skinblack young white males b) SArelating to white people a white neighborhood3 CCCOLOUR/COLORpale looking pale, because of illness, strong emotion etc Are you OK? You’re white as a sheet (=extremely pale).white with anger/fear etc Her voice shook, and her face was white with anger.4 DFDcoffee [usually before noun] British English white coffee has milk or cream in it5 DFDwine white wine is a pale yellow colourred 6 a white Christmas7 whiter than whitewhiteness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
whitewhite daisiesHe and a white friend, William Grady, had been chased into the station by white youths throwing bottles and stones.His thick white hair was cut short and unevenly, so that in parts it stood up in clumps.For years, the female tilt toward the Democrats was balanced by disproportionate white male support for Republicans.Nice white socks and a proper little coat.A derivation of White Sunday, it refers to the white garments worn by the recently baptised Christians of the early Church.Hundreds of white tables with white chairs are mostly filled with suntanned white people dressed colorfully.pure/snow whiteColouration: Goldfish may have a range of colours from black and brown, through gold to pure white.Of course, her wish came true, and she named her child Snow White.When investing in a new kitchen, most people still go for easy-on-the-eye neutral shades, pure whites and sophisticated greys.A pure white butterfly tossed about in the light on the edge of the lake.I also like the pure white gesso primer as it gives luminosity to my colours.Her hair is pure white, her face covered with spidery lines, but her eyes are absolutely clear, sparkling.I looked behind me to see a pure white wall.Walt Disney launched Snow white with just such a bond-building, going-into-battle speech.white as a sheetHe went as white as a sheet and backed off immediately.Hoomey came back white as a sheet, speechless.