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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaddictad‧dict /ˈædɪkt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MDDsomeone who is unable to stop taking drugsdrug/heroin/morphine etc addict a recovering heroin addict2 LIKE somebody OR somethingsomeone who is very interested in something and spends a lot of time doing itTV/sports etc addict My nephew is a complete video game addict.
Examples from the Corpus
addictAnd strict application of the law would deny an addict the possibility of rehabilitation.It's difficult for most smokers to admit that they are addicts.Rank, a cocaine addict, commits suicide, but his followers continue his work.Here they began a small home for alcoholics and drug addicts.She said she had seen no evidence that the abandoned house was used by drug addicts.A lot of women drug addicts become prostitutes in order to get money to buy drugs.Read in studio Former drug abusers fear addicts could die if a rehabilitation centre is forced to close.It had kept all but the most enthusiastic golf addicts indoors.I was a recovering heroin addict who befriends Nastassja Kinski's character.Heroin addicts run an increased risk of getting AIDS.Many addicts refuse to go to treatment centers.a television addictdrug/heroin/morphine etc addictBut when I got to high school, my parents were calling me a drug addict anyway.At 17 he was a drug addict.The Grammy and MusiCares Foundation, which also helps alcoholics and drug addicts, will benefit and the song could raise millions.Habitual petty thieves and drug addicts dumped on top of their already bulging caseload become their newest clients.The prison reform group says one problem is a lack of treatment for drug addicts in jail.The Marquis of Blandford, a former drug addict, married Becky in 1990.The people look furtive, like drug addicts, as they take them out in stacks of four or five.Unfortunately, much of the opium produced by the plants ends up in the bloodstreams of drug addicts.