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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamphetamineam‧phet‧a‧mine /æmˈfetəmiːn, -mɪn/ noun [countable, uncountable]  MDDa drug that gives you a feeling of excitement and a lot of energy
Examples from the Corpus
amphetamineAny of the methods discussed will easily separate the structurally unrelated compounds nicotine and amphetamine from theophylline. 405.Some dancers were sucking lollipops to counteract the clenching of the jaws caused by amphetamines.In 1952,3 billion 10-milligram amphetamine tablets were being produced annually in the United States.There, taped to the bottom, was a small plastic bag of amphetamines.The sensation is similar to a small dose of amphetamine.He admitted unlawful possession of amphetamine and unlawful possession of cannabis.They were nearly sky blue with touches of amphetamine pink at the corners and long dark lashes.Being infatuated is a lot like taking amphetamines.