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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdopedope1 /dəʊp $ doʊp/ noun informal  1 [uncountable]MDD a drug that is not legal, especially marijuana Jeff used to smoke dope all the time.2 [countable] spokenSTUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT a stupid person syn idiot What a dope!3 dope test4 the dope (on somebody/something)
Examples from the Corpus
dopeI'm sorry I was such a dope last night.He emphasised that there would be dope control after the race and warned us not to take any chances.The 1st be the day for dope man.Corso is no dope, and he spins a fascinating yarn.Clinton, for all his mental meanderings, is no dope and has figured all this out.I was getting through by starting to smoke dope and take acid.I used to smoke dope all the time.Patients who expect to hear the straight dope, and get the best care, from their physicians.Jo could imitate anybody and always made him crease up, even without the dope.That was the trouble for him with dope.Oh you dope, you bought the wrong one.Pam, you dope!smoke dopeIf he knows some one smokes dope, he will go off them.They met for lunch in Washington Park, smoked dope with her newspaper friends, were invited together to late night parties.I was getting through by starting to smoke dope and take acid.Our Jack wanted to smoke dope, but couldn't get Rizlas big enough to fit Tyrone.