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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdownerdown‧er /ˈdaʊnə $ -ər/ noun informal  1 [countable]MDD a drug that makes you feel very relaxed or sleepyupper2 [singular]SAD/UNHAPPY a person or situation that stops you feeling happy The weather was a bit of a downer.3 be on a downer
Examples from the Corpus
downerOtherwise, this trip begins on a downer.Sure I want to play good, because the season there last year was a downer for me.Together they build an impressive wall of evidence - but their success carries a big downer.The music, though laughable, isn't the main downer.She had taken a handful of downers with her whisky around 10 a.m. and had woken up in hospital.I was off for a week which is alright, but during that week I was heavily doped on downers.If the Marx Brothers had made a surrealistic comedy while on downers, this would be it.The book is a real downer.United won twice away last month at Bristol Rovers and Wolves, while Birmingham are on a real downer.