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fixfix2 noun  1 [countable] something that solves a problem Robinson called the proposal a quick fix (=a temporary or easy solution) of limited value.2 (be) in a fix3 [singular]MDD an amount of something, especially an illegal drug such as heroin, that you often use and badly want addicts looking for a fix I need my fix of caffeine in the morning or I can’t think.4 get a fix on somebody/something5 [singular]CHEAT something that has been dishonestly arranged People think the election was a fix.
Examples from the Corpus
fixThe streets are filled with drug addicts looking for a fix.His was a never-ending search for a fix.The election was a fix!Supporters of the losing team protested that the whole thing was a fix.I need to have my coffee fix in the morning before I speak to anyone.With luck, one could hope to get a longitude fix once a year by this technique.Nor is a quick monetary fix available.And there are even a couple of fixes that failed.One technological fix for this problem is to fit carousels on to the welding machines.This book assesses the technological fix for the muddle left by downsizing and reengineering.Oh, the fix, the fix!Some one is trying to put the fix on him - whoever they are they're not getting help from me.quick fixI do not believe that there is a quick fix for the coal industry.This, therefore, is a quick fix Bill.It is better to strive for slow and gradual, but substantial, progress than a quick fix that may be ephemeral.A quick fix clearly becomes unfixed.Exercise is usually the best quick fix.There are no quick fixes that enable work-inhibited students to become academically competent.There will be no quick fix for the San Francisco Giants.More often, we opted for the quick fix or the solution offered by the management guru of the month.