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highhigh3 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 number/amountMOST the highest price, number, temperature etc that has ever been recorded, or that has been recorded within a particular period of time Highs of 40°C were recorded in the region last summer.a new/record/ten-year etc high The price of oil reached a new high this week.2 excitementEXCITED informal a feeling of great happiness or excitement They’re bound to be on a high after such an incredible victory. the emotional highs and lows of a new romance3 drugsMDD a feeling of pleasure or excitement produced by some drugs4 weather an area of high pressure that affects the weather5 schoolSES a short form of high school, used in the name of a school Benjamin Franklin High 6 from on high7 on high
Examples from the Corpus
highHighs today were in the mid-90's.I was on such a high.But the feeling was different from any high or excitement I had felt before.The past year has been a rollercoaster one for the royals with a few highs followed by lots of depressing lows.By junior high, she knew she wanted to play college ball.The price of oil reached a new high this week.With the right company, certainly the stock should hit new highs with the next bull market.The high she got from cocaine never lasted.It has shed more than 200 points since reaching an all-time high of 5,689. 74 on April 3.reached a new highIt was the third time this season that Strickland reached a new high.highs and lowsTendency to mania; has highs and lows.This book follows young Pip through his life and into his mid thirties and shows his highs and lows.For Kip, highs and lows were tolerable.There are too many jagged edges to the Clinton experience, too many highs and lows.The Tide tables can not be relied on for precise highs and lows of the tides.The event had all the highs and lows of a record attempt.Julia Knights reports on the highs and lows of harvest 2000.