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hithit2 ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 successful something such as a film, play, song etc that is very popular and successfula hit single/show/record etc the hit musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’a big/smash/number 1 etc hit The Beatles’ greatest hits. Which band had a hit with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?be a hit with somebody (=be liked by them) It’s hoped the new museum will be a big hit with families.2 hit something an occasion when something that is aimed at something else touches it, reaches it, or damages it Our ship took a direct hit and sank.3 computer a) an occasion when someone visits a website The site had 2,000 hits in the first week. b) a result of a computer search, especially on the Internet thousands of irrelevant hits4 take a hit5 informalMDD a feeling of pleasure obtained from taking an illegal drug6 informalSCC a murder that has been arranged to happen hit man
Examples from the Corpus
hitOur site had 2000 hits in the first month.The tuna tartare with chopped avocado, the clam chowder with smoked bacon and the giant Louisiana prawns were all a hit.But the decision seems to be a hit with the scouts.When I first heard the song I knew it would be a hit.It lasted longer and that, a better hit."Titanic" was a big hit all over the world.This time Dennis claimed hits on a destroyer while Osborne inflicted damage on a supply ship.an album of the Beatles' greatest hitsa new hit single from Janet JacksonThe official World Cup web-site scored a record number of hits last week.You may get thousands of hits that are irrelevant to your question.Still, it was a shock when Vee-Jay filed for bankruptcy in 1965, while it was still turning out hits.They absorb these losses either by taking the hit themselves or by paying insurance premiums that are roughly equal to those losses.a hit single/show/record etcAlan King founded Ace and actually had a hit single after all the years of struggle.Played loose and desperate by Marcus Naylor, Floyd has a hit record out, but he needs another.Tom says every singer wants to have a hit record.There are already plans to make the £26,000 jingle into a hit single and show the ad in cinemas.direct hitThe bomb had been a direct hit and only the last few dwellings had still been standing afterwards.It was in a dance hall, a direct hit.He was killed instantly, a direct hit.With a beautiful clean throw Trondur made a direct hit.I lay under my cot and prayed that our hooch would not take a direct hit with a rocket.The next one was a direct hit, and the whole ceiling did come down.A direct hit on the Al-Rasheed was ruled out because of the western journalists there.Both were direct hits, as he knew they would be.