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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmethadonemeth‧a‧done /ˈmeθədəʊn $ -doʊn/ noun [uncountable]  MDDa drug that is often given to people who are trying to stop taking heroin
Examples from the Corpus
methadoneCarcinoma, methadone, diabetes, depression, miscarriage and angina have poured down as unremittingly as the weather.The regime in the Detoxification Unit consisted of five days' methadone reduction followed by two weeks of Clonidine.I would like a maintenance methadone course, y'know, if possible.Some forensic medical examiners, however, are reluctant to prescribe methadone.He lied about his address and so received methadone on a maintenance basis.My eyes are without light, except for the glass of the day's methadone.The methadone is beginning to take effect.It would be like switching from heroin to methadone.