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smacksmack2 noun  1 [countable] a) HITa hit with your open hand, especially to punish a childslap You’re going to get a smack in a minute! b) British English informalHIT a hard hit with your closed hand syn punchsmack in the mouth/face/gob Talk like that and I’ll give you a smack in the mouth.2 [countable usually singular]SOUND a short loud noise caused when something hits something else The book landed with a smack.3 [uncountable] informalMDD heroin4 give somebody a smack on the lips/cheek5 [countable]TTW a small fishing boat
Examples from the Corpus
smackShe gave Danny's hand a smack.If the horse jumps the first fence stickily, a smack on landing will sharpen him up.Then she raised one foot and brought it down with a smack on the water, splashing him, and laughed.All you see in the papers now is smack, like.The little girl gets pulled again, falls with a loud smack.The occasional smack meted out in a happy, secure home is not going to scar a child's psyche.So far, she'd just flushed the smack down the loo and shoved the syringes in the bin.Authoritarians do not apologize for the smack of firm government.smack in the mouth/face/gobOnce again, she hadn't seen it coming; another smack in the face from an unexpected source.Steve looked as if he'd been smacked in the face with a writ.Once Williams was smacked in the face by a throw in an international game, breaking her nose.