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snortsnort2 noun [countable]  1 BREATHEa loud sound made by breathing out through your nose, especially to show that you are annoyed or amused He gave a loud snort. There were snorts of laughter from the audience.2 MDDa small amount of a drug that is breathed in through the nose a snort of cocaine
Examples from the Corpus
snortBarbara Coleman gave a snort of disgust.She gave a snort, then a sigh.Then, some yards away he heard a snort and the clink of metal.She would wrinkle her nose, show all her teeth and give a little puff of a snort.The hooves slammed out and with a snort of terror it hurtled off up the path followed by the others.I took another snort and offered it to him.Susskind gave a loud snort.From the bushes came a low snort and the scraping of branches.From the other side of the library came a loud unmistakable snort -- it was the professor.gave ... snortI had spoken in jest, but Challenger gave a contemptuous snort.Barbara Coleman gave a snort of disgust.Dempster gave a disgusted snort, and the man next to him at the bar looked round.He gave a royal snort, either of disappointment or relief, and snapped his fingers for another round of wine.Cliff, smaller and curly-haired, seated next to Ken, gave a snort of laughter.She gave a snort, then a sigh.