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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnowsnow1 /snəʊ $ snoʊ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 [uncountable]DN soft white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather and cover the groundsleet Snow was falling heavily as we entered the village. I could see footprints in the snow. The town was buried under three feet of snow.2 [countable]DN a period of time in which snow falls one of the heaviest snows this winter3 snows4 [uncountable] small white spots on a television picture, caused by bad weather conditions, weak television signals etc5 [uncountable] informalMDD cocaineCOLLOCATIONSverbssnow fallsOutside in the dark, snow was falling silently.snow settles (=stays on the ground)The snow was beginning to settle.snow drifts (=is blown into deep piles)The snow had drifted up against the hedge.snow covers/blankets somethingThe ground was covered with snow.snow melts (=turns to water)The snow has melted and the ground is bare once more.adjectivesdeepThe snow was quite deep in places.heavy (=when a lot of snow falls)France has been expecting heavy snow all week.freshI had watched the tracks I’d made disappear under fresh snow.powderyThe powdery snow flies up as I walk through it.wet snowHe cleared the wet snow from the car windscreen.light snow (=when only a small amount falls)A light snow had begun to fall.driving snow (=falling fast)We walked home through driving snow.swirling snow (=blowing around as it falls)It was difficult to see in the swirling snow.phrasesseveral inches/feet of snowMore than eight inches of snow fell in 48 hours.a blanket/carpet of snowWithin an hour, Bucharest was buried under a blanket of snow.flakes of snow (=individual pieces of snow)A few flakes of snow started to fall.a flurry of snow/a snow flurry (=when a small amount of snow blows around in the wind)The day was cold, with a few flurries of snow.a fall of snow (=an occasion when it snows)We had our first fall of snow in mid-November.a drift of snow (=snow blown into a pile by the wind)Sheep became buried in six-foot drifts of snow.THESAURUSsnow noun [uncountable] soft white frozen water that falls from the skyThe ground was covered with deep snow.Snow began to fall.snowflakes noun [plural] pieces of snow falling from the skyThe first snowflakes fluttered down between the trees.sleet noun [uncountable] a mixture of snow and rainThe snow turned to sleet and then rain.slush noun [uncountable] snow on the road that has partly melted and is very wetI made my way through the dirty slush.blizzard noun [countable] a storm with a lot of snow and a strong windWe got caught in a blizzard on our way to school.frost noun [uncountable] white powder that covers the ground when it is coldFrost can kill delicate plants.hail/hailstones noun [uncountable, plural] drops of rain that fall as iceHail bounced on the tiled roof.He heard a strange sound, like hailstones striking glass.a white Christmas a Christmas when there is snowDo you think there will be a white Christmas this year?
Examples from the Corpus
snowI collect snow and start off for the nearest dead tree with the big knife and an axe.Tony and I trudged home through the deep snow.Perhaps Gwen Evans was as pure as the driven snow.The recent storm was one of the heaviest snows this winter.For the most part, however, Boston in a heavy snow was skiers' Eden.She disappeared without trace in a heavy snow storm.When climbing in snow and ice, it is essential to use the correct gear.The tops of the mountains were still covered in snow.There will be some gains, including faster growing forests, less snow and lower heating bills.Over six inches of snow fell last night.Some snow is expected to fall in the Rockies tonight.That snow piled up outside windows in Washington and elsewhere in the Northeast may slow business even more.Businesses were suffering from the snow even in the deep South.There was a single line of footprints in the virgin snow.We were crossing a high, thin cordillera of mountains, their tops already covered with snow.The trees were covered with snow.