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stashstash2 noun [countable]  MDDHIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEEan amount of something that is kept in a secret place, especially money, weapons, or drugs syn hoard Mike went into the bedroom to check on his stash.stash of a stash of drugs
Examples from the Corpus
stashThe latter grudgingly handed over a stash of notes.Police experts were sifting a stash of spare parts this week searching for the identities of yet more machines.It's not as if there was a stash of notes that he could extort from Stone and take away with him.Miguel headed back to his apartment to check on his stash.Sure, he had always suspected Firebug of digging up his stash.Dennis soothed him, guiding him into the living room and showing him my stash of porno magazines.And there were the stashes of booze, if nobody found them.stash ofa stash of weapons