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triptrip2 ●●○ verb (tripped, tripping)  1 fall (also trip up) [intransitive]FALL to hit something with your foot by accident so that you fall or almost fall syn stumble He tripped and fell.trip over Clary tripped over a cable and broke his foot.trip on He tripped on the bottom step.2 make somebody fall (also trip up) [transitive]FALL to make someone fall by putting your foot in front of them when they are moving Baggio was tripped inside the penalty area.3 switch on [transitive] to switch on a piece of electrical equipment by accident An intruder had tripped the alarm.4 walk/dance [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] literaryWALK to walk, run, or dance with quick light steps a little girl tripping down the lane5 trip off the tongue6 drug (also trip out) [intransitive] informalMDD to experience the mental effects of a drug such as LSD They must have been tripping.7 trip the light fantastic trip up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tripI didn't push him - he tripped.One of the runners claimed she had been tripped.She trips and falls down on to the pallet.One boy tripped and fell into the water.He stumbled forward, and tripped, and fell.A moment later she trips and slides down the hill.I tripped as I got out of the car.Gretzky was tripped by O'Donnell near the goal.One man tripped me up and the other one grabbed my handbag.Her medical problems began when she tripped on a rug and broke her hip.The stammering policeman spun around, tripped on the rusty pot, and all but crashed to the ground.Once the beast can walk on a flat smooth floor without tripping, other behaviors can be added to improve the walk.Pick up that box -- someone might trip over it.She'd had quite a lot to drink and kept tripping over.The pensioner was so angry, he tripped up the mugger with his walking stick and grabbed the book back.tripped and fellThe little Hoflin, who had her speciality showpiece in Act Two, did it very badly and finally tripped and fell.I've got a bad migraine, I tripped and fell and cut my arm.A fall in the kitchen While working in her kitchen, a woman tripped and fell catching her face on a cupboard.Zorro leaped through an enormous fountain, but tripped and fell face first into the water.Madra tripped and fell headlong in the leaf mould, and in an instant their pursuers were upon her.He tripped and fell into thick bush.He was jumping already so we just tripped and fell on him.He tripped and fell, scrambled to his feet and sprinted out of reach.