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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweedweed1 /wiːd/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]HBP a wild plant growing where it is not wanted that prevents crops or garden flowers from growing properly the constant battle against weeds2 [uncountable]HBP a plant without flowers that grows on water in a large green floating massseaweed3 [countable] British English informalWEAK someone who is weak Nigel’s such a weed, isn’t he?4 like weeds5 the weed6 [uncountable]MDD cannabis7 (widow’s) weeds
Examples from the Corpus
weedEveryone called me a weed when I was at school because I was so bad at sports.It may even look like a rather pretty weed, but it's still a weed.Dorothea bent down and pulled weeds out of the garden.A rich soil soon becomes home to rampant weeds which smother less competitive, more attractive plants.He spent a whole year bumming from friends, crashing in strange places, selling weed with pals to make his bread.Nor is genetic engineering the only way weeds become herbicide-resistant.