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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithdrawalwith‧draw‧al /wɪðˈdrɔːəl, wɪθ- $ -ˈdrɒːəl/ ●○○ noun  1 army [countable, uncountable]LEAVE A PLACE the act of moving an army, weapons etc away from the area where they were fightingwithdrawal of the withdrawal of UN forceswithdrawal from the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan large-scale troop withdrawals2 removal/ending [uncountable]TAKE something FROM somebody the removal or stopping of something such as support, an offer, or a servicewithdrawal of withdrawal of government aid3 money [countable, uncountable]TAKE something FROM SOMEWHERE the act of taking money from a bank account, or the amount you take out Customers can use the machine to make withdrawals of up to £250 a day.4 stop taking part [uncountable]TAKE PART/BE INVOLVED the act of no longer taking part in an activity or being a member of an organizationwithdrawal from Germany’s withdrawal from the talks5 drugs [uncountable]MDD the period after someone has given up a drug that they were dependent on, and the unpleasant mental and physical effects that this causes6 statement [uncountable]SAY/STATE the act of saying that something you previously said was in fact untrue syn retractionwithdrawal of the withdrawal of all allegations
Examples from the Corpus
withdrawalAs with most child accounts, children can not make withdrawals until they are seven.All except the latter unit meant some form of withdrawal from the use of acute admission facilities at either Claybury or Friern.The success of conciliation can be measured by the volume of withdrawals or conciliated settlements.Agreement on withdrawal was not reached until early 1929.This may only cease on withdrawal of the drug.They fear the proposed withdrawal from 17 May of some stops by ScotRail and InterCity will cause further deterioration in the service.The loss of one vehicle and the leading tank's offensive capability was not enough to cause a full scale withdrawal.withdrawal ofa withdrawal of government aidthe withdrawal of all allegationsmake withdrawalsAs with most child accounts, children can not make withdrawals until they are seven.