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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcastor oilˌcastor ˈoil noun [uncountable]  MDa thick oil made from the seeds of a plant and used in the past as a medicine to make the bowels empty
Examples from the Corpus
castor oilElsie and Edith Port were so alike that Jennie dosed the wrong one with her cure for all ailments - castor oil.Similar research projects are developing plastics from materials such as corn, molasses, potato peelings and castor oil.It seems to me that I wore glasses before I wore zinc and castor oil cream.Caffeine enemas are given four hourly, as well as castor oil - orally or by enema - to aid detoxification.Thatcher diktats do not simply slide down the Cabinet table like castor oil.Madeleine said she didn't mind, but you could see his lordship was going down like a dose of castor oil.The goods actually supplied consisted of copra cake combined with a quantity of castor oil, the latter being poisonous to cattle.And that would get us back to castor oil and the secret police.