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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcortisonecor‧ti‧sone /ˈkɔːtəzəʊn $ ˈkɔːrtəsoʊn/ noun [uncountable]  MDa hormone that is used especially in the treatment of injuries and diseases such as arthritis a cortisone injection
Examples from the Corpus
cortisoneHe had a cortisone injection yesterday after a visit to a specialist.Davis said he heard that Daniels had received a cortisone shot for an injury last Monday.Examples of these are chloroform, penicillin and cortisone. 3 How does homoeopathy work?He is not supposed to have another cortisone shot anytime soon.When stressed, we release cortisone into the body and this increases the appetite.He suffered ligament damage in his hand two weeks ago in Palm Springs that required cortisone shots.Unlike cortisone, which also reduces inflammation, Adequan seems to stimulate the production of new tissue in a damaged tendon.If that doesn't work, cortisone injections.