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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdosagedos‧age /ˈdəʊsɪdʒ $ ˈdoʊ-/ noun [countable usually singular]  MDthe amount of a medicine or drug that you should take at one time, especially regularlyhigh/low dosagedosage of He was recommended a high dosage of morphine.increase/reduce the dosage The daily dosage is steadily reduced over several weeks.
Examples from the Corpus
dosageTherefore, these drugs should be initiated at low dosages and gradually increased.This unit provided the necessary information which allowed the most effective system of dosage with mepacrine and Paludrine to be established.It is important to conduct a complete course of treatment at the required dosage with these products.Meaning: I would drive him and me nuts trying to find the right dosage.Lowering the dosage can stop some side effects.It usually occurs in the first 6 months of treatment and does not show any correlation with the dosage.In most patients, it is desirable to use dosages that maintain a pulse rate greater than 60.These are available in various dosages, but may have to be made up specially to deliver the required dose.Full details of all these treatments, with dosage rates, may be obtained from Ref. 3.daily dosageIn the meantime, Maurice Indig plans to continue his daily dosage of the Internet in his fight with the disease.All authorities agreed that adding the substance to water was the best way to limit the daily dosage.After the first two weeks of prednisolone, the daily dosage was steadily reduced to zero over the ensuing weeks.