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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishiodinei‧o‧dine /ˈaɪədiːn $ -daɪn/ noun [uncountable]  HCEMDa dark blue chemical substance that is used on wounds to prevent infection. It is a chemical element: symbol I
Examples from the Corpus
iodineThe active iodine is then united to a tyrosine residue of thyroglobulin.They also boast plenty of vitamins and minerals, chief among them vitamins C, B6 and iodine.Their list included iodine, Freon, condensing columns and sodium hydroxide.They found none but instead discovered medicinal water, unique for its richness in salts of iodine and bromine.Certain deficiencies, of vitamins or iodine, can be harmful, and there are serious dangers from mercurial or lead poisoning.Inorganic iodide is then converted to an active form, organic iodine.They could be cured if they were treated in time with iodine, whole gland, or pure hormone.