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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedicationmed‧i‧ca‧tion /ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  MDmedicine or drugs given to people who are illbe on medication (for something) He’s on medication for high blood pressure.COLLOCATIONSverbstake medicationAre you taking any medication?be on medication (=be taking a type of medicine)He's on medication for his blood pressure.prescribe medication (=arrange for someone to take a particular type of medicine)Doctors should always explain the reasons for prescribing any medication.give medication (also administer medication formal)Teachers are not allowed to administer medication.use medicationThe leaflet tells you how to use the medication correctly.stop a medication (=stop taking a medication)I stopped the medication when I found out I was pregnant.come off a medication (=stop taking a medication)Coming off the medication made him more aggressive.adjectivesover-the-counter medication (=one that you can buy without a doctor's order)There are many over-the-counter medications available for headaches.prescribed medication (=one for which you need a doctor's order)What happens if the patient does not take their prescribed medication?regular medication (=one that someone takes often)He is on regular medication to prevent fits.
Examples from the Corpus
medicationShe had smoked one pack of cigarettes daily for six years and was taking no medication.Two groups of medications are employed: those used to treat the acute attack and those used prophylactically.For instance, one medication, derived from bitter almonds, claims to boost the immune system.Scribbling the names of two popular medications, the doctor had unwittingly written Mary a death warrant.If you find a prescribed medication is disrupting your sleep, the effects may be temporary.Most sufferers stick with their jobs and take medication but others have to quit.Studies of other disorders show that medications given without such support likely are doomed to fail.Maybe she had already swallowed the medications.be on medication (for something)He's on medication for high blood pressure.It is not known if Camby will have to be on medication as a result of his collapse.Yet does a patient really want to be on medication all his life?