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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedicinalme‧di‧ci‧nal /məˈdɪsənəl/ adjective  1 MDused for treating medical problemsmedical Garlic is believed to have medicinal properties (=contain things that can cure medical problems).2 for medicinal purposesmedicinally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
medicinalHer dad works for the government as a medicinal drugs buyer.This species is used as a medicinal herb in the East.Last November, voters in California and Arizona passed initiatives which allow the use of pot for medicinal purposes.The Physic Garden is planted with examples of herbs used in Medieval times for medicinal purposes.The idea that alcohol had medicinal qualities persisted well into the twentieth century.Helms has accused Weld of being soft on drugs, citing his support for the medicinal use of marijuana.medicinal propertiesMan benefits through the wide variety of plants in the world through different plant many and varied medicinal properties. 4.Furthermore, he was informed that the water may have had medicinal properties.