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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverdoseo‧ver‧dose1 /ˈəʊvədəʊs $ ˈoʊvərdoʊs/ noun [countable]  1 MDDMDtoo much of a drug taken at one timeoverdose of a massive overdose of heroin She took an overdose and died two days later.2 too much of something, especially something harmfuloverdose of an overdose of sun
Examples from the Corpus
overdoseSister Aimee died in 1944, from an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets.Moon died in 1978, after an overdose of the prescribed drug he was taking to ease himself out of alcoholism.For small children, an overdose can result from swallowing as few as three vitamins with iron.His daughter had died of an overdose of drugs three years before.The 18-year-old male died of an overdose of sleeping pills.an overdose of soap operasAcute cocaine overdose may occur at any stage if a package bursts.No hypnotic was prescribed in view of the risk of a further overdose.The hospital subsequently discovered that her death was the result of a massive overdose of a powerful anticancer drug.First, many patients in hospital have taken overdoses or injured themselves in the past.took an overdoseJust before Christmas he took an overdose of pills.When she refused he took an overdose of his barbiturate tablets in front of her.The patient described here took an overdose not long after her marriage somewhat unexpectedly came to an end.The 37-year-old took an overdose of painkillers and lay in sub-zero conditions with just a sleeping bag.At the age of 20 she took an overdose when she thought a boyfriend was about to desert her.She mentioned the dashing don in a note found in the room where she took an overdose of pain-killers.In despair, I unsuccessfully took an overdose.