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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpharmaceuticalsphar‧ma‧ceu‧ti‧cals /ˌfɑːməˈsjuːtɪkəlz $ ˌfɑːrməˈsuː-/ noun [plural] technical  MDdrugs and medicines
Examples from the Corpus
pharmaceuticalsBut when a pharmaceuticals firm wants to launch a drug, James Dettore often tops the list of people to contact.The most likely incremental reforms include insurance premium caps and price controls on hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals.Brewers also met downgradings and Bass closed 8p lower at 563p but pharmaceuticals rallied.Since then his fleet has swelled from 28 to 125, advertising products as disparate as detergent, pharmaceuticals and fans.Ciba predicts Program will have sales of about $ 400 million this year -- outselling most of its human pharmaceuticals.