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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstimulantstim‧u‧lant /ˈstɪmjələnt/ noun [countable]  1 MDa drug or substance that makes you feel more active and full of energy artificial stimulants2 CAUSEsomething that encourages more of a particular activity syn stimulus economic stimulantsstimulant to Increases in new construction would be a stimulant to the economy.stimulant adjective a drug with stimulant properties
Examples from the Corpus
stimulantMy presence is intended as he puts it, merely as a stimulant.Nicotine, the drug found in tobacco, is a stimulant.Doctor Baker came and gave me a stimulant.Indeed, neuropeptide Y is the most potent central stimulant of feeding known.There wasn't a murmur of disapproval from the drug testers - all the ingredients were natural and contained no chemical stimulants.It is not a direct stimulant, like a shot of adrenaline.Government expenditure, concentrated now on armaments rather than railways as in the late nineteenth century, also remained a major stimulant.Scalp stimulants can help to revitalise dormant hair follicles by increasing the blood flow to the scalp.