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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishValiumVal‧i‧um /ˈvæliəm/ noun [uncountable] trademark  MDa drug that makes people feel calmer and less anxious
Examples from the Corpus
ValiumSally, do you want a Valium?Patients taking Ativan and Valium for long periods may suffer acute anxiety when they stop.Liquid Valium Anxiety is an unpleasant emotional state that differs from related states such as fear, aggression, and confusion.That was why he needed a hit of Valium before he headed back to London, to his bed.Try not to rely on Valium - it's highly addictive and will cause more problems in the long run.I just see everyone pissed, or on the Valium, tryin' to get from one day to the next.It was not something you took to the doctor - until Valium and Librium arrived on the market.Startled, but still asleep, drugged with Valium, Marjorie swivels to face him.