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Date: 1200-1300
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: remedie, from Latin remedium, from mederi 'to heal'


1 noun
rem‧e‧dy1 W3 plural remedies [countable]
1 a way of dealing with a problem or making a bad situation better [= solution]:
The problems in our schools do not have a simple remedy.
remedy for
The program is one remedy for discrimination.
2MD a medicine to cure an illness or pain that is not very serious [= cure]
remedy for
a remedy for colds
herbal/natural remedy
a natural remedy that helps insomnia
a home remedy (=one that you make at home) for sore throats
The herb is used as a folk remedy (=a traditional medicine, rather than one a doctor gives you) for a baby's teething pains.

beyond/without remedy

formal if a situation is beyond remedy, nothing can be done to make it better:
She felt as if her marital problems were beyond remedy.
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