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dividedivide2 noun [countable usually singular]  1 SEPARATEa strong difference between the beliefs or way of life of groups of people, that may make them hate each other The North/South divide is characteristic of Britain.cultural/political/racial etc divide people on both sides of the political divide2 American EnglishSG a line of high ground between two river systems syn watershed
Examples from the Corpus
divideThe Continental Divide runs along the length of the Rocky Mountains.There is no hard-and-fast divide between water-breathing and air-breathing animals.There is still a great economic and political divide between the east and the west of the country.The offspring of such a union are never quite accepted - on either side of the racial divide.From his side of the racial divide, the ordeal of mobilization proved simply redundant.The racial divide between the city and its suburbs is deepening.The concept of a north-south divide was always too simplistic and sweeping.On a brighter note, the survey indicates that the North-South divide is continuing to narrow.There are a couple of fudge options at hand, but neither entirely bridges the divide.Meanwhile, the divide between rich and poor has never been greater.Recently the divide between the two sides has widened.sides of the ... divideBecause both sides of the political divide are benefiting from the traffic, the issue is brushed under the carpet.