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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnatural historyˌnatural ˈhistory noun [uncountable]  HBHEthe study of plants, animals, and minerals the Natural History Museum
Examples from the Corpus
natural historyMyth is nothing but natural history, plus human history, in time-disguised and faith-distorted form.The historical theme extends to cover local canals, bridges, floods, natural history and archaeology.But the investigation, on natural history lines, has been prosecuted with a large measure of success.He gives us a cornucopia of masterful species portraits and by far the best general reference on natural history.For the moment let us simply note that natural history may have important ritual implications.So far, no prospective study has been performed to investigate the natural history of gastric metaplasia.We walked toward the natural history museum.-What happened between you and Jessica, Brice? he asked.But more important than these human aspects is the virtually untarnished natural history of the refuge.