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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishozone layerˈozone ˌlayer noun [singular]  SCPHEa layer of gases in the sky that prevents harmful radiation from the sun from reaching the Earth the hole in the ozone layer
Examples from the Corpus
ozone layerSuppose pollution beyond a certain critical level would have disastrous social consequences, for example irreversibly damaging the ozone layer above the earth.But because of their longevity they are expected to go on damaging the ozone layer for decades.Since 1989 I have measured the ozone layer, solar ultraviolet and the clarity of the air over South-Central Texas.The remainder have escaped into the atmosphere to cause further depletion of the ozone layer.This was seen as essential if such countries were to co-operate in efforts to protect the ozone layer.There will be displays on acid rain, the ozone layer and global warming.