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quakequake2 noun [countable]  HEan earthquake
Examples from the Corpus
quakeA quake in the Tehachapi-Bakersfield area 50 miles north of Los Angeles registers 7.7.Living in the rift caused by such a foundation quake is his ambition for your life.A 6.3-magnitude quake in Long Beach, Calif., kills 115 people.In California's San Fernando Valley, a 6.5-magnitude quake leaves 65 people dead.-March 27,1964.Such local bodies are especially important because, by the time foreign aid arrives, most quake victims will have died.The city streets were magic again, like they were when stoplights went dark after the quake.The fact that there was not more damage or loss of life was likely due to the nature of the quake.Seismologists said the quake appeared to have been rooted about 30 miles underground, deep enough to prevent catastrophic destruction.