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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishterrestrialter‧res‧tri‧al /təˈrestriəl/ adjective [usually before noun] technical  1 HArelating to the Earth rather than to the Moon or other planets extraterrestrial22 HELAND/GROUNDliving on or relating to land rather than water3 terrestrial TV/broadcasting/channels etc
Examples from the Corpus
terrestrialRain forests are home to numerous species, terrestrial and epiphytes.Migrating continents I have proposed four simple distributional patterns for both marine and terrestrial animals which involve changes in time.The incorporation of the gorilla male into a more-or-less permanent party is probably associated with certain benefits in relation to the terrestrial feeding niche.A statistical analysis based on this data suggests that well over half the stars are being orbited by rocky terrestrial material.Development of this approach in experimental closed ecosystems promises big terrestrial payoffs from this form of space biotechnology.Information from the planetary probes indicates that all the terrestrial planets have undergone differentiation, but they have followed different evolutionary paths.The cometary events responsible for these multiple episodes of fragmentation are clearly important to the terrestrial planets.Such terrestrial plants could certainly cause harm the water quality.