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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvortexvor‧tex /ˈvɔːteks $ ˈvɔːr-/ noun (plural vortices /-təsiːz/ or vortexes) [countable]  1 HEa mass of wind or water that spins quickly and pulls things into its centre2 [usually singular] writtenEFFECT/INFLUENCE a situation that has a powerful effect on people’s lives and that influences their behaviour, even if they do not want it tovortex of the vortex of emotions surrounding the case
Examples from the Corpus
vortexEarlier migrants were drawn into the vortex as well.This increases the magnitude of the vorticity, but because of continuity also reduces the cross-section of the vortex tube.vortex ofHis statements helped calm the vortex of emotions surrounding the case.