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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblack marketˌblack ˈmarket noun [countable]  SCCBthe system by which people illegally buy and sell foreign money, goods that are difficult to obtain etcblack market in There was a thriving black market in foreign currency. Many foods were only available on the black market. black market cigarettesblack economy
Examples from the Corpus
black marketThey have blamed high taxes for the growth of a black market in cigarettes.Result: a black market in official government receipts with special stamps.Apart from drugs, detectives believe money is laundered from a variety of black market deals involving arms and high technology.On the rampant black market prices were particularly exorbitant.When farmers feel like owners, the theory goes, they will guard against the thieving that feeds the black market.They pilfer lesser-known works, usually costing less than $ 300,000, to sell on the black market.The joke was that palm trees were being sold on the black market.Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc.black market inblack market cigarettesa black market in weapons