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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboomboom1 /buːm/ ●○○ noun  1 increase in business [singular]BPE a quick increase of business activity opp slump The boom has created job opportunities.boom in a sudden boom in the housing marketconsumer/investment/property etc boom the post-war property boomboom years/times In boom times, airlines do well. the economic boom of the 1950s The economy went from boom to bust (=from increasing to decreasing) very quickly. boom town2 when something is popular [singular]POPULARLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT an increase in how popular or successful something is, or in how often it happens the disco boom of the 1970sboom in the boom in youth soccer in the U.S. baby boom3 sound [countable]CPMW a deep loud sound that you can hear for several seconds after it begins, especially the sound of an explosion or a large gun sonic boomsee thesaurus at sound4 boat [countable]TTW a long pole on a boat that is attached to the bottom of a sail, and that you move to change the position of the sail5 long pole [countable] a) TBTIa long pole used as part of a piece of equipment that loads and unloads things b) TCPTCBa long pole that has a camera or microphone on the end6 on a river/harbour [countable]TTWTBC something that is stretched across a river or a bay to prevent things floating down or across itCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + boom an economic boomthe post-war economic booma property/housing boom (=a sudden increase in house prices)People made a lot of money in the 1980s property boom.a consumer/spending boom (=a sudden increase in the amount people spend)Various factors caused the consumer boom.a building/construction boom (=a sudden increase in building work)There’s been a recent construction boom in the Gulf.an investment boomthe investment boom of the past few yearsverbscause/lead to a boomTax cuts sometimes lead to an economic boom.trigger/spark a boom (=start it)The lower interest rates triggered an economic boom.fuel a boom (=add to it)The energy crisis is fuelling a boom in alternative energy.enjoy a boomSince then, China has enjoyed a remarkable boom.boom + NOUNthe boom years/timesthe boom years of the late 1980sphrasesgo from boom to bust (=change from doing very well economically to doing very badly)The Mexican economy went from boom to bust very quickly.at the height of the boomThey sold their house at the height of the boom.
Examples from the Corpus
boomIn Gwinnett County, Ga., a boom that began more than a decade ago continues with no end in sight.A more pressing problem is Mexico's dramatic baby boom.There were two big booms, then the cloud started forming.a record-breaking boom in tourismCanada enjoyed a real economic boom in the postwar years.The fitness boom started in the 1970s.The IT market is growing, thanks to the Internet boom.The bias litigation boom is in large measure traceable to key changes in the Civil Rights Act of 1991.a log boomThere was a loud boom. The chemical works was on fire.Witnesses heard the first loud boom at 3:03 p.m.From beginning to end, each cycle of boom and slump lasts, Kondratiev argued, for about fifty years.The trends in prices and construction track very closely past cycles of booms and busts.The impact of the property boom was first felt in the financial markets.the post-war property boomA sonic boom was heard by observers on the shore as the meteorite fell to earth.Motorola is one of the leaders in the global technology boom.Extend your arms Keep them well down the boom to get the rig as upright as possible. 3.The boom years brought by Brian Little have gone.the boom in cellular phone ownershipThe boom of cannon continued for most of the day.economic boomBy the eighteenth century, an economic boom had resulted in an active type of pre-capitalism, ready to take off.Is an economic boom an unsustainable trend?Its appearance coincided with an economic boom and an ideological crisis.The needy themselves, buoyed up by economic boom, have been happy to go along.The potential economic boom has been welcomed by business leaders in Swindon.Treatment of blacks altered slightly with the great depression of the thirties and the economic boom of the wartime forties.Indeed, in almost every speech, he celebrates the economic boom of what he calls the Clinton-Gore administration.Our overconsumption is fueling this economic boom, but at a heavy cost to the environment.