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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbudgetbud‧get1 /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 SPEND MONEYthe money that is available to an organization or person, or a plan of how it will be spentbudget of a welfare program with a budget of $2 millionbudget for The budget for photography has been cut. We had a really tight budget.on/within budget (=not using more money than planned) The project was completed within budget.under budget (=using less money than planned) If you come in under budget, everyone will be very impressed.over budget (=using more money than planned) Feature movies always run over budget.2 on a budget3 PEPG (also Budget) British English an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what taxes will be necessaryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + budgetan annual/monthly/weekly budgetThe organization has an annual budget of $24 million.the national/federal/state budgetHe has a plan to balance the federal budget.the defence/education etc budgetWe had to make cuts in the defence budget.the family/household budgetOften the husband and wife contribute equally to the family budget.a big/large budgetThe club does not have a large budget for new players.a small/low/limited budgetIt was a project with a low budget.a tight budget (=small and limited)Most young people have to live within a tight budget.a fixed budgetOur clients usually have a fixed budget.a shoestring budget (=a very small budget)The film had been made on a shoestring budget.a total budgetThe National Institute of Health had a total budget of $11. 3 billion.an overall budget (=total)There has been an increase in the overall budget made available by the Government for training.verbshave a budgetHospital caterers have a budget of about £20 per person per week.overspend your budgetThe Metropolitan Police has overspent its budget by £70 million.keep within a budget (=spend only the money that is available)Further cuts are needed in order to keep within the budget.balance the budget (=spend only the money that is available)the importance of balancing the budget and cutting taxesbudget + NOUNa budget deficit (=when a government has spent more money than it has)The country has a budget deficit of over $4 billion.a budget surplus (=when a government has more money than it spends)A huge budget surplus of over £16 billion was recorded. budget cuts (=reductions in the amount of money that is available)The department has suffered severe budget cuts.
Examples from the Corpus
budgetIt is unlikely the new government will have time to draft a budget.Texas faces a budget deficit of over $4 billion.The company has had to cut £46.000 from its advertising budget.A percentage of the takings is usually allocated to advertising: this is the advertising budget.the firm's annual budgetGovernment cuts in the defence budget have meant a loss of 2000 jobs.More cuts in the defense budget are expected.Mission-driven budgets relieve legislators of micromanagement decisions, freeing them to focus on the larger problems they were elected to solve.His first budget, in 1991, contained a $ 7 billion tax increase.Mum always worked out the household budget according to what we could afford.The job will involve budgeting and decision-making, as well as managing the project.The Council has to make savings on its budget of nearly £10 million to meet Government targets.The second reason is the fact that most people have a limited budget and are already spending all their cash on games.Key resources are technical personnel and aircraft spare parts which account for the largest share of the maintenance budget.Several of our recent projects have been wildly over budget.The council has said that jobs will have to be cut in order to balance the budget.The Republicans were wedded to conservative fiscal views that stressed the importance of balancing the budget and cutting taxes.The renovation work to St George's Hall was completed six months ahead of schedule and under budget.You can choose any type of wood for your furniture, according to your budget.budget forWe'll be able to go if we budget for it.