Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: bougette 'small leather bag', from bouge 'leather bag', from Latin bulga; from the idea of bringing your spending plan out of its bag


1 noun
bud‧get1 S1 W2 [countable]
1 the money that is available to an organization or person, or a plan of how it will be spentCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
defence/education/advertising etc budget (=the amount of money available for a particular activity) budget deficit (=when more money has been spent than is available) budget cut (=when less money becomes available) on/within budget (=not costing more money than planned) under budget (=costing less money than planned) over budget (=costing more money than planned) a tight budget (=when there is not much money available) balance the budget (=make sure only the money available is spent)
budget of
a welfare program with a budget of $2 million
budget for
The budget for photography has been cut.
The defence budget was still growing.
80% of the annual education budget was spent on teachers' salaries.
a package of fiscal policies designed to cut the budget deficit
the problems posed by budget cuts and staff shortages
The project was completed within budget.
If you come in under budget, everyone will be very impressed.
Feature movies always run over budget.
We have to keep within a tight budget.
They need to save £8 million this year to balance the budget.

on a budget

if you are on a budget, you do not have much money to spend:
Travellers on a budget might prefer to camp.
a book which offers great ideas for decorating on a budget
3PEPG also Budget British English an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what taxes will be necessary

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