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capitalistcapitalist2 ●○○ (also capitalistic /ˌkæpətlˈɪstɪk◂/) adjective  PEusing or supporting capitalismcommunist, socialist the capitalist system
Examples from the Corpus
capitalistCapital is privately owned by a minority, the capitalist class.the seven richest capitalist countriesThe degree of capitalist development implied the momentum of a bourgeois revolution.What happened in the 1970s was capitalist greed.Skepticism is part and parcel of the capitalist ideology.In these ways, argues Marx, capitalist manufacturing exploits workers' labour-power and craft skills.More limited forms of resistance such as normal trade union activity do not alter the fundamental relationships of class inequality in capitalist society.Members of capitalist systems tend to take such discrimination for granted but the logic of the exercise is far from obvious.This refers to the professionals and white-collar workers whose earnings are linked to their skills and qualifications rather than capitalist ventures.