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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcartelcar‧tel /kɑːˈtel $ kɑːr-/ noun [countable]  PEa group of people or companies who agree to sell something at a particular price in order to prevent competition and increase profitsmonopoly an illegal drug cartel
Examples from the Corpus
cartela drug cartelMany of its narcotics agents may well be assisting the drug cartels and their hit squads.Oddly, consuming countries are also members of the International Coffee Organisation, which policed the old cartel.This sounds as if they are joining the cartel, but it will cut world production by only 1/2%.The generally acknowledged leader of the cartel is Benjamin Arellano, who usually keeps a low profile.Santacruz was arrested in a Bogota restaurant in July, one of six top leaders of the cartel arrested last summer.Prosecutors said the cartel wanted to increase its presence in Baja California, which is dominated by the Arellano F lix cartel.These cartel prices were then rubber-stamped by the member state governments.We will introduce new legislation giving stronger powers to deal with cartels.