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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsumer durablesconˌsumer ˈdurables noun [plural]  PE British English large things such as cars, televisions, or furniture that you do not buy often
Examples from the Corpus
consumer durablesConsumer durables Lone parent families are less likely than two parent families to have household consumer durables.Consumer durables Ownership of particular consumer durables is a further reflection of standards of living.We will introduce strict standards of life expectancy for consumer durables and encourage deposit-refund schemes.Automobiles, video recorders, washing machines, personal computers, and most furniture are good examples of consumer durables.In a sense, then, the purchase of consumer durables is both consumption and a form of investment.Instead they stress the wide range of expenditures that are interest sensitive, such as expenditure on consumer durables.There have been fine achievements in the export of cars, televisions and other consumer durables.