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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsumer goodsconˈsumer ˌgoods noun [plural]  PEgoods that people buy for their own use, rather than goods bought by businesses and organizationscapital goods, brown goods
Examples from the Corpus
consumer goodsImports of capital goods rose 50. 7 percent and consumer goods almost doubled in 1995, it said.It is largely our need for electricity and transport and our demand for consumer goods that ultimately leads to acid rain.Because the internal market for consumer goods was too small; 2.The result was a frenzied rush for consumer goods, both for their own sake and as a hedge against inflation.In January, Nobel announced the sale of its consumer goods business to Henkel.The single-minded mission of commercial television today is to produce audiences for sale to advertisers of consumer goods and services.Contrary to expectations this growth in the production of consumer goods merely postpones and then magnifies the problem.They cultivated work of sorts, trading in hashish, black market currency, and smuggled radios and other consumer goods.