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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsumer price indexconˌsumer ˈprice ˌindex noun [countable]  PEa list of the prices of products that shows how much prices have increased during a particular period of time
Examples from the Corpus
consumer price indexThe government will report its December consumer price index on Feb. 1.Tomorrow's consumer price index for December may provide more definitive clues to the Fed's interest rate strategy.Salaries are rising barely as fast as the consumer price index, meaning most families do not have more buying power.Inflation, if you assume the consumer price index is overstated, is barely measurable.Import prices rise and since imports are a large fraction of consumption, the consumer price index rises right along with imports.Well, the consumer price index rose just 1 percent in January, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.The consumer price index would have come a day later.