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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoodsgoods /ɡʊdz/ ●●○ W3 noun [plural]  1 PESELLthings that are produced in order to be soldelectrical/industrial/agricultural etc goods furniture and other household goods the large market for consumer goods (=televisions, washing machines etc) Britain’s leading exporter of manufactured goods (=things that are made, not grown) There will be tax increases on a range of goods and services. dry goodssee thesaurus at product2 things that someone owns and that can be moved They were charged with handling stolen goods. We collected up our goods and left.3 British EnglishTT things which are carried by road, train etc syn freight a goods train4 come up with the goods/deliver the goods5 have/get the goods on somebody6 damaged goods worldly goods at worldly(1)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + goodselectrical goodsToday's shoppers are spending more money on mobile phones and electrical goods than on clothing.household goodsHousehold goods are downstairs in the basement.consumer goods (=televisions, washing machines etc)The market for consumer goods is huge.manufactured goods (=made in large quantities using machines)Imports of manufactured goods have increased rapidly.industrial goods (=goods used mainly in the production of other goods)machinery and other industrial goodsagricultural goodsThe United States became a major exporter of agricultural goods.luxury goodsThe new industrial middle classes began to demand luxury goods.duty-free goods (=that you do not pay tax on when you bring them into a country)What is the permitted amount of duty-free goods?white goods British English (=equipment used in the home such as washing machines and refrigerators)The house is unfurnished, except for white goods.brown goods British English (=electrical goods that provide entertainment at home such as televisions and stereo systems)The company has 22 percent of the total market for brown goods.perishable goods (=fresh food etc that is likely to decay quickly)Perishable goods are transported in refrigerated trucks.faulty goods (=that have something wrong with them) Consumers have a right to reasonable protection against the sale of faulty goods.stolen goodsThe police charged him with handling stolen goods.counterfeit goods (=goods that are made to look like the real thing, but are not the real thing)Counterfeit goods will be seized and traders will face prosecution.somebody’s worldly goods (=all the things that someone owns)All his worldly goods fit in four packing cases.phrasesgoods and servicesThe company provides a range of specialized goods and services.verbsproduce goodsThe company started a factory in Singapore, to produce goods for export.manufacture goodsLocal industries were created to manufacture goods that were previously imported.import goodsWestern Europe is the world’s second largest market for imported goods.export goodsThe company exports Thai goods to Europe.supply goodsOn 3 September he supplied goods to the hotel valued at £350.00.
Examples from the Corpus
goodsThis led to the social development of new occupational groups to help in the production and transportation of the agricultural goods.The cost of almost all goods and services soared when price controls were removed.We import a lot of electrical goods from Japan.Cost of goods sold represents such items as mat & rials costs, direct factory labor, and factory overhead costs.The beginning of the year saw the introduction of new legislation governing the manual handling of goods and materials.The store sells a wide range of goods.But usually you want the goods, so an exchange of goods is normally considered quite acceptable.electrical/industrial/agricultural etc goodsYou can shop for bargains in clothes, cameras and electrical goods in modern malls.Fireplaces, interior doors and electrical goods have been taken from the new houses at Woodbrook, off the lower Galliagh Road.Retail turnover was up 28 percent, and in some branches, such as vehicles and electrical goods, by more than half.The effective rate of protection for steel, vehicles and electrical goods, however, went much higher, up to 300 percent.Deathtraps: Coroner's warning over second hand electrical goods.It was expected that, as a first step, tariffs on industrial goods would be reduced by one-third to 30 percent.stolen goodsThen there was the possibility of the silver on sale at the Saturday morning market being stolen goods.Insurance companies started hiring him to find stolen goods and investigate false claims.It means that when we find stolen goods, we can automatically reunite them with their owners.Police searching the plaintiff's premises for stolen goods seized goods which they mistakenly thought to be stolen.Rootham, of Tower Green, Middlesbrough, also admitted theft and handling stolen goods.Jacqueline MacPherson faced a charge of handling stolen goods.It seemed that he acted as a receiver of stolen goods ...Nobody goes down to Zia to confiscate the stolen goods so the owner can redeem them.