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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlabour-intensiveˌlabour-ˈintensive British English, labor-intensive American English adjective  PEan industry or type of work that is labour-intensive needs a lot of workerscapital-intensive labour-intensive farming methods
Examples from the Corpus
labour-intensiveThe project is what you might call labour-intensive.Work on site, however, even in the 1980s remains fairly labour-intensive.Like all forms of animation, this is time-consuming, labour-intensive and, therefore, expensive.By contrast, the local authorities have mainly helped small businesses in more labour-intensive industries.What they have to say throws doubt on previous inferences about how labour-intensive Maya agricultural techniques were, at least at San Antonio.Reductions in spending on labour-intensive services increase unemployment and hence social security costs.For the most part, these contract workers work under the supervision of permanent staff, performing more labour-intensive tasks.